Voting Rights With Rev. Sharon Felton: Living Well Class

10:00 am - 11:00 am
Central Baptist Church

This week in the Living Well Class, Rev. Sharon Felton, Congregational Advocacy Manager with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, will discuss her work with voting rights advocacy.

Sharon's advocacy work is rooted in Jesus' call to love our neighbor.  This call means making sure everyone has the right and the opportunity to vote, making a just world for all of God’s children, not just those who are privileged.  Our Baptist heritage reminds us of the freedom to use one’s own conscience to exercise one’s voice or vote. All of us are created in God’s image and all should be afforded the opportunity to cast their vote without restrictions or hindrances because of their race, economic standing, zip code or party affiliation.

Sharon works with congregations, states and regions to develop and enhance advocacy efforts within their communities. She is passionate about working towards justice for all neighbors. She aims to learn what churches are already doing to love their neighbor and further expand those efforts. Sharon hopes to encourage churches to see their role in advocacy and help them engage in justice work in their communities.

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Central Baptist Church