Prayers of Gratitude - compiled by Charles

Charles Conkin | June 12, 2018

O God, our creator, and sustainer, and redeemer,

Gratitude is on our minds and hearts this morning. But it is often a harder job than we realize, anger and discontent are always close. So this morning, when the world around us continues to beat negativity into us. When the news only shows us sadness and violence. When social media brings out the worst in human nature. We will remember the goodness of these for which we are grateful.

O God, we are grateful for the people who enrich our lives:

For family and friends near and far. For the friendships throughout life who are supportive no matter what. The church family. To know that in good and trying times, we can call someone, and they will be there to laugh and to comfort us. For Grandchildren and children. For our parents and helping them retain independence and safety as they age. The times gathering with friends around a table, for peer groups that put up with us.

O God, we are grateful for the beauty of the place we live:

For fresh air, clean water, ladybugs, spiders. The early sunrise on a summer morning. For mountain streams. For summer evenings on the back porch and cool crisp mornings. For early morning walks to begin the day and for sitting on the deck and watching the birds. The warm summer breeze, cool summer shade, trees bursting with life. The beauty of living in Kentucky and the nature around us.

O God, we are grateful for inspiration:

To be able to create something for others to enjoy. And the ability to think about new ideas. For open minds and open hearts. For college and education. For good movies and good books. Beautiful music and the church choir. For the weddings and upcoming births. For love and the joy in living.

O God, we are grateful for:

Good health, Advil, eyesight, and life after cancer. For a spouse's renewed health, and jobs with paid sick leave. Clean doctor reports for the kids. For life’s ups and downs...twists and turns. And for the unexpected good that comes out of horrible situations.

And for the ordinary things, an empty dishwasher, shopping, kittens, and wagging puppy tails. For football, sweet tea and Mexican food. For chicken nuggets and trampolines. The laughter of children playing in the sprinkler. Hot chocolate and driving in busy traffic with no mishaps. For scheduling changes. For tickles and the sound of a baby laughing.

O God, there is so much that deserves our gratitude. May we remember your hand in places the people and experiences before us that hold such beauty. May we move through our days with open eyes and grateful hearts.


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