A Report from Our Staff Transition Committee

Rachel Childress | October 21, 2018

What do . . . .
• a majestic backyard, complete with a great sledding hill
• a great sledding hill but a small yard
• great memories of family meals
• finding yourself when faced with great loss
• massage therapy and mediation
• lifelong relationships with churches
• children
• from four decades to four years as part of the Central Baptist family
• a search for a place where the Gospel is broad, deep, open-armed and open-hearted
• deep, meaningful experiences with ministers

 . . . have in common?  They are just a few of the things the members of the Staff Transition Committee shared with each other last Sunday. Brad Webb, Stephanie Moore, Diane Campbell, Lucy Thomas, Linda McCubbin, Matt Gabbard and I sat around a table, shared a meal and some of our stories.  We did not know each other and are building a foundation of trust and safety as we work to make recommendations on our staffing in the future.

This is an incredibly gifted, insightful, caring and funny group. All of us have a deep appreciation for the roles our staff play in the ministries of our congregation and in our deeply private lives.  These qualities are important as we address highly charged issues, a wide spectrum of sincerely held opinions and a variety of life experiences.

We will be looking at our past and current staffing and visioning what we believe the structure and characteristics of that staff should be in the future. Our recommendations will also include a (doable) path to that vision and suggestions for how we can nurture, grow, challenge and encourage our staff. We will need your input. Be on the lookout for listening sessions in the coming months!

We ask you to join us as we pray for insight and clarity into what God’s desires are for our congregation. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Rachel Smith Childress, Chair

3 months


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