Watch Justice Through Bail Reform

Aaron Austin | December 11, 2019

We were honored to host the Kentucky Council of Churches and the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy's forum on bail reform.  This informative and inspiring presentation features people directly affected by the inequities of our justice system and important data for our community.

Too many people in our community are being locked up before they are even found guilty of an offense, with bail set so high they can’t afford to get out of jail. The costs of pretrial incarceration are financial, physical, mental and emotional, and they take a toll on people, families and communities. Join us as we hear testimonials from people who have experienced our unjust bail system and people working to change it. Our faith and the facts point us in the same direction: It’s time for equal justice for all Kentuckians through bail reform.

For more information, contact Natalie Cunningham:, 859.671.0206.

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