Bloom Into Life - A Prayer by Kara Kilpatrick

Kara Kilpatrick | February 9, 2020

Kara Kilpatrick wrote this litany for our Early Worship service last week.  It pulled together many parts of the service, from our reflections on the light of the world to Merton's vision on a street in Louisville of all humanity "shining like suns."  She ended our prayer together with an encouragement to use the mantra "Breathe in God's blessing.  Breathe out God's blessing to the world."  What a wonderful contemplation that binds together our inner life as beloved children of God with God's invitation to express that love by helping our neighbors.

You did not come to abolish the Law and the Prophets
But to see them fulfilled to their very brim:
Loving You with all our hearts
All our souls
All our minds.
Loving our neighbors,
As we love ourselves.
But how, Jesus, how do we do this work?
“By believing in the One whom God sent.”
Believing You lived for us,
Believing You died for us,
Believing You love us until the very end
Just as we are
With all our bumps
All our bruises
All our mishaps and mayhem.
And by believing,
You love all the cracks and crevices,
We find your light
Kindled in our darkness;
Shining through all the broken places,
Radiating Your love to all those around -
The shining suns beckoning the world
To bloom into Life

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