Why I Love Central - Gwen Hart

Gwen Hart | February 2, 2020

As we continue our "Why I Love Central" series Gwen Hart, one of our deacons, shares with us why Central has become a home for her... in a poem.

Why I love Central; a broad subject for sure
So much beyond what is in the brochure
As Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote back in the day
How do I love thee; let me count the ways

Come rain or shine or wind or hail
Don and Thomas greet without fail
High fives and hugs and a how are you
Makes every Sunday a special tadoo

My Sunday School class; The Open Door
Where one tiny subject turns into much more
Discussions with so many points of view
Sharing of feelings and belly laughs too

We can share our concerns and even a tear
It’s a comfort zone speaking without any fear
Jeff is so great with his ideas for lessons
Gives latitude for a great deal of expressions

Not a Sunday goes by without Ralph at the ready
Bulletin in hand and that smile is rock steady
Our choir is so talented and can belt out a tune
I could listen to them all afternoon!

Raleigh’s prayers are so genuine and true
Just what I need way in the back pew
And speaking of that, we have quite the crew
Friendships have grown; both old and new

We were members but relatively new
When we lost Dad; so hard to get through
The outpouring of love from so many of you
Genuine caring, kind words and food too

The close circle of friends that Mom has made
So fun to hear of their escapades
From lunches and knitting and lest we forget
Those wonderful ladies of The Lafayette

Being a Flocker has been such fun
Life-long friendships have begun
We’ve solved the world’s problems while flocking around
And in each of our homes, flamingos abound!

I love that this church made a crazy decision
And made me a Deacon; who had that vision?
Just proves that this place has a sense of humor
But it sure means a lot to this Baby Boomer

Our Youth continue to learn and grow
Some are now driving!  Say it ain’t so!
I love that my nephews have such a group
Charles does a great job leading that troop!

So many things that Aaron can do
Writing and singing and the guy knits too!
And of course, the guy running the show
Mark, our Leader, the one in the know

His knees have gone bad and he can’t ride a bike,
But he has other qualities, we can’t help but like
He’s there for us when we need extra care
With a hug, encouragement, and always a sweet prayer

Now you can see why I love this place
It’s everyone here who embodies God’s Grace
So happy that we all found each other
And we can continue to love one another

3 months


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On February 5, 2020, Jennifer Erena said:

Fabulous poem, Gwen! I can envision it all.

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