Everything Belongs - Chapter 6

Aaron Austin | March 9, 2020

As we close out our reading of Everything Belongs, Rohr kindly brings us back to the beginning.  He uses several images in this chapter to describe this movement back to the Sacred, from thresholds to shadows.  All of his metaphors seem to lead us back to where we started—God's presence in all things.  

Rohr invites us to not rush through those liminal spaces in our lives where things are uncertain.  It's in the threshold where our lives are transitioning that there is possibility for growth and change.  When we're knocked off course from our comfortable routine by a prophetic perspective, we may discover God's love for all creation.

Rohr's discussion of the shadow reminds me of a novel by Ursula Le Guin, A Wizard of Earthsea.  I'll try not to spoil the story too much.  As the title suggests, it follows a wizard.  When he's young and foolish, he accidentally calls out a shadow monster that haunts him for years. Eventually, he must confront the darkness he created.  The conflict isn't resolved by fancy spells or skillful incantations--the resolution is more about acceptance.

As Rohr discusses our shadow, I feel it takes a similar trajectory. It's not about a renunciation of ourselves, but rather an acceptance of our whole selves.  We acknowledge our complicity in the darkness and the light.  Somehow everything belongs, even our failures.  Then we can find true transformation in the ordinariness of our days. Then we can sink down into true life.

So, what do you think?  What lines made your heartstrings resonate?  What parts confused you or frustrated you?  What things will you meditate on this week?  Reply in the comments below to share your thoughts.

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