My Prayer for You by Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson | April 12, 2020

A prayer offered by Mark Johnson on April 12, 2020.

In prayer, we discover the space between our hopes and our worries. It fills up the distance between the new creation promised by the Risen Christ and this decaying creation that we must contend with, even while we are assured it is passing away.

Here is what I pray for you:
I pray for you: a faith that can sustain you through these difficult times and the shaking of the foundations,

I pray for you: a song to sing or a poem to recite that can fill with so much love and joy that you feel as if your heart will burst out of its chest,

I pray for you: a dance to remember (with appropriate Baptist distancing ;)) to train your feet to help chase this virus away so it will never return,

I pray for you: a purpose, so rewarding that it makes getting up in the morning worth it,

I pray for you: plenty of friends and family members to love and hug on, even if for a while, it must be done virtually,

I pray for you: peace and health in your home, and rest from your labors.

If and when sickness or sadness visits your door, I pray for you: a strength to endure and a peace that passes all understanding,

I pray for you: a quick end to this crisis, and a treasure chest full of lessons learned to renew your life when this shadow is lifted,

I pray for you: the gift of resurrection, that you will be inspired with holy imagination and partner with the triune God to recreate a better day for tomorrow than the one you are living through today.

I pray for you: the happiness of Easter, the beauty of Spring, and the promise of life eternal.

And I pray all these things for you, in confidence, because nothing can separate us from the love of God as we live into the Spirit and make our confession:



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