Not for One Instant are We Alone by Raleigh

Aaron Austin | April 5, 2020

A prayer offered by Raleigh Kincaid on April 5, 2020.

Dearest God,

The scripture says that your love endures forever, and that we can have faith that this is so. During this time of trial, though, there are moments when our fears grow strong, our hearts grow faint, and our faith grows distant. But how blessed are we that even when we are afraid, tired, and feeling alone, your love and faithfulness do not waiver. Not for one instant are we alone. Not for one instant are we left to face our trials with only the paltry strength of these mortal bones and the limited understanding of our feeble minds. We are filled with questions that have no answers, and yet there you remain, reaching tenderly out to us and gently inviting us to lay our weary souls on your eternal breast. Thank you, God, for your steadfast love.

I lift these prayers to you this morning with full confidence that you hear, know and care about the deepest desires of my heart.

I pray for those who now mourn the loss of a loved one or the loss of a job or the loss of security. May they find rest and comfort in your love.

I pray for those who are sick and suffering this morning, especially those who are now dealing with the COVID-19 virus. May they find the strength to endure.

I pray for the terrified family members who are cut off from their loved ones in isolation. May they be made keenly aware of your immediate presence with them.

I pray for the front-line medical and support responders who are working tirelessly to ease suffering and bring healing. May they find the strength and courage to endure their long trial.

I pray for the essential workers who are providing necessary services while daily putting themselves in harms way. May they be spared illness and may they know of our gratitude for them.

I pray for our government officials as they try to both comfort and guide us through this complicated storm. May they find wisdom that is guided first and foremost by a deep compassion for the needs of the people.

I pray for all spiritual leaders and mentors and counselors who are searching for the right words to comfort others even as they are struggling to keep their own fears at bay. May they be guided by your presence.

I pray for the church universal and all people of faith as they try to remind our world that there are forces at play that are bigger and more powerful that all our combined fears and doubts. May their message be unified and unwavering.

I pray especially for the good people of Central Baptist Church. I pray God that they may continue to be faithful in their love and support of each other even as they continue to minister to whatever corner of the world each has been charged to serve.

Grant us wisdom and courage for the facing of this hour, O God. Grant us perseverance and the fortitude to continue in our faith, hope and love just as was shown to us by your son, Jesus, who came, lived, died, and bless God, rose again as the ultimate proclamation of the power of love. And it is in His powerful and holy name I pray.

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On April 7, 2020, Gerard H Pi Well said:

Touched deeply by this prayer as I am often by Raleigh's prayers. Thanks for sharing. This could be Central's community prayer for these days.

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