Proof of Presence by Charles Conkin

Charles Conkin | April 1, 2020

A prayer offered in worship by Charles Conkin on Sunday, March 29, 2020.

Let us join our voices and offer our prayers to God.

O God, our hope of passed days and our refuge in our present time, what a great uncertainty we live in.

We cannot know what tomorrow will bring with the increasing unrest. We cannot get through to the other side with the numbers growing. We cannot see an end in sight and that makes us uncomfortable.

So we come together, through our multitude of platforms, with an unfettered faith, knowing that you will hear our prayers and you will guide our days.

We pray for the sick and the infected. May you bring to them courage for their battles. May you breathe strength into their bodies. And may you grant them comfort when they are separated from loved ones.

We pray for the isolated. For those who are alone in homes or without homes. May they feel connection beyond distance. And may you bring peace to them for they are still in the minds and hearts of their communities.

And we pray for all of us in our uncertainty. May we not regress to fear. May we not live into our anxieties. May we remember the spirit of love, and may you renew our mindful gratitude in the midst of separation.

May we see the glimpses of light bursting through the cracks in this chaos. May we see the greatness of creation and show our gratitude for its glory. May we name them as your grace flowing to us. For these moments will brighten our path forward and restore our belief that salvation is coming.

Renew us us in phone calls from friends, the beauty of spring flowers, reconnections with friendships timezones away, the energy of children playing in neighborhoods, stories of families sharing resources with each other, or heartfelt waves from the sidewalk. Renew us in the courage we witness through medical staffers, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and chaplains, who work tirelessly to heal. May we rest in the hope these moments provide.

O God, for all who need your presence, we pray come. And for all those who are proof of that presence, we say thank you.

We pray this in the name of the Christ, Amen.

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