Wave Your Palms In The Air by Charles

Charles Conkin | April 2, 2020

If I were asked my opinion about social media and online community just last month, I would have gone into a long diatribe about the dangers of being connected through devices and the harm of screen time on child and adolescent development. The last few weeks, however, have made me appreciate the ability in our time to stay somewhat connected during this pandemic. This is only one of the ways that life is flipped up-side-down.

Social media, like Facebook, and other platforms, like our Youtube livestream, have been a blessing in disguise. We have been able to see faces and hear voices. We can share uplifting stories and words of encouragement, while creating an avenue for deep concerns and prayer requests.

In the midst of our changing church needs, I decided to reactivate my personal Facebook profile. Months ago I left after lots of frustration at misinformation being spread without context. Click- bait headlines are all that we have time to read in an ever-changing news feed, and we miss opportunities to dive deeper to learn or digest better the articles we share.

Today is a different time. And I hope to encourage you all not to scroll quickly passed the information that is shared. Rather engage with posts. “Like” posts that mean something to you. Click on blogs and articles to read them thoroughly. Watch the whole video. If you think of a comment while reading a post, write that in the comment section. We can’t wait until we see each other again. We need those positive words now. We need community in this way now.

This Sunday you have a wonderful opportunity to engage as we creatively celebrate Palm Sunday. We wish we could witness the parade of children as they lead us in “hosannas” as we welcome Jesus to Jerusalem. This year we do that as individual households and as a congregation online.

Before Sunday take a few minutes to create your own palms. There are plenty of ways to create a homemade palm branch (I’ve provided some links below). You could also find a branch with leaves in your yard or pull a branch out of the Christmas tree book. Take a picture with your palm and post in on the CBC Facebook Group. And wave them on Sunday during the service and know we are all waving them too. 




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