Behind the Scenes by Aaron Austin

Aaron Austin | May 4, 2020

Moving our Sunday services completely online has been an adventure.  Even though we've been streaming our services for over a year, we never envisioned that this would be our primary means of worshipping together.  Though we've had to make quick adjustments and troubleshoot last-minute technical malfunctions, we've managed to be on the air by eleven o'clock (or pretty close) every Sunday. 


Our Sunday morning productions would not be possible without the help of our faithful sound and video techs Justin Levens and Don Colliver. They have worked dilligently to improve our lighting, sound, and video so that we can continue to share in worship together online.  Mixing prerecorded videos with live worship elements, hymn lyrics, and audio is a juggling act to say the least, but Justin handles it with aplumb.  With our wide-angle camera providing mostly a view of empty pews, Don has manned our single camera to make sure we capture all the live elements. He is also the friendly and smiling face of the congregation, reminding everyone presenting that we are not alone.


While the sanctuary may look empty, our phones, tablets, and laptops are filled with the real liturgy—a true work of the people.  You pass the peace with fervor even from a distance.  Your greetings and hellos ring out with love. Your amens and preach ons reverberate with hope.  Your encouragments and laughter remind us that we are family.  Now that we are apart, your presence and your participation is even more of a blesssing.  Your voices are vital. Your participation is a gift to us all.


Though our sanctuary looks a little strange—worklights covered in parchment paper and suspended on mic stands, and staff spread around our sanctuary in separate pews—the heart of our congregation is still beating with the same love, grace, acceptance.  Thanks to our faithful volunteers who are helping us continue, and thanks to all of you who have joined in the chat, sent in videos, and gathered with us in worship. 



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