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Aaron Austin | June 7, 2020

Many white people would like to help and support movements for equality and justice for our black and brown siblings.  Especially in the midst of a global pandemic, we all may not be able to march in protests.  Some of us may not have extra money to spare.  However, there are ways that we can all offer support, from educating ourselves on systemic racism to having tough conversations.  Guilt will do very little for our neighbors, and sometimes trying to figure out the "best" thing to do can lead to inaction.  Here are a few ideas that we've compiled from various places, along with links to other resources for people who want to support.

Here are other lists with numerous articles, podcasts, videos and places to donate:


Trouble the Water

This book edited by Alliance of Baptist leaders, including Alliance President Michael-Ray Mathews, is a resource for congregations and individuals looking for ways to counteract systemic racism.

White Privilege

A free resource designed for groups, but with helpful insights for individuals published by the United Church of Christ. White Privilege is a great way to reflect on race and the racism that is deeply rooted in our society.

Just Mercy

Also a feature film, Just Mercy is a true story of the Equal Justice Initiative's work for justice and the end of mass incarceration.



This New York Times podcast looks deeply at the history of slavery in America and the consequences that still plague our society today.


Uncivil tells the true stories of slavery and the American Civil War so often white-washed and twisted by the powerful privileged.


Just Mercy

Watch the film adaptation for free on a variety of networks and providers.


This Netflix documentary looks at the criminalization of Black Americans and how the U.S. prison system perpetuates this oppression.

James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley (1965)

Watch this debate from 1965 as Baldwin shows how the American Dream systematically profits from and oppresses Black Americans.



There are many places to give.  Here are just a few working for justice.


Louisville Community Bail Fund

Campaign Zero

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Color of Change

Southern Poverty Law Center

For Children and Parents

Coretta Scott King Book Award Winners

PBS Teaching Your Child About Black History Month

Parenting Forward Podcast

We hope this helps a little bit as we work for equity and justice.  This work is a lifelong journey to join in God's creation of beloved community.  It will no doubt require a hefty amount of unlearning as well as learning.  And though will will certainly stumble along this path, we trust that God will lead us on the right road.  There are many steps we can take.  Let's get moving.

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