Pandemic Reflection by Gwen Hart

Gwen Hart | November 8, 2021

A Pandemic Poem from Gwen Hart...

It was March of 2020
When Covid made the scene
This won’t last long, I thought to myself,
And we can get back to a normal routine

I’d just retired (in the nick of time)
As things came to a screeching halt
Businesses closing, except essentials
Finger-pointing looking for fault

Having worked in hospitality for so many years
Ensuring everything was just so,
All the sudden I had time on my hands
But there was no place to go!

Driving on Tates Creek or New Circle Road
With very few cars in sight
It was becoming increasingly obvious
That the future was not looking bright

Going to Kroger, distanced and masked
Was a reason to get out and about
Standing in line on Senior Day
To get Charmin before it ran out!

Everyone stopped each day at 5
To hear Andy address the state
Happy hour had a different look
As we got his Covid update

So many feelings invaded my head
Keeping frustration at bay
Fear of a deadly fast- moving disease
Taking more lives every day

So scared when it happened to one of our own
We all prayed for Jeff every day
So overcome with gratitude and joy
When I heard that he was ok

No in-person church, per the law
What in the world would we do?
No Sunday School class or worship service
At least not where we’d sit in the pew

Our staff was quick to fill the void
So we could watch from our laptop or phone
Complete with live music and even communion
And we could chat with each other from home!

Watching vignettes of friends reading scripture
While sitting out under a shade tree
Or leading the Call to Worship
And sharing duties with the whole family

I enjoyed recording some of those
Gave me such a sense of inclusion
Felt connected to all our church family
Although we were basically in seclusion

I learned so much about our folks
From Vespers on Wednesday night
Aaron so good as the host of the show
And Biscuit was such a delight

Whoever came up with the Zoom concept
Gave us a blessing and a way to converse
It is an awesome way to keep connected
Although some might consider it a curse!

When we gathered at Shillilto Park the first time
It was so great to talk face to face
The emotion was just overwhelming
That shelter was full of God’s grace!

While I watched our services week after week
In the comfort of my favorite chair
Our talented staff made it look so easy
As they worked so hard to prepare

Every service; the videos, the music and timing
Was executed to a tee
It took a village of work and time
Just how blessed could we be?

Two, in particular, stand out to me
That absolutely deserve a prize,
The Candlelight Communion service
Literally brought tears to my eyes

The sanctuary was so beautiful
Many candles were perfectly placed
Though we couldn’t all be together
The feeling was completely embraced

When we still weren’t together by Easter
The choir zoom was off the chart!
Coordination of each choir member
Produced an absolute work of art!

I know now without a doubt,
That no matter how worried or stressed,
We are all there for each other,
And that we are truly blessed!

This reflection is part of our church archives project to preserve records of our life together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though we still find ourselves in the midst of this exceptional time, we hope these reflections will serve not only as accounts of where we’ve been, but as reminders that we are not alone, and encouragement that we journey forward together. We’d love to hear your reflections too!  We will only publish reflections to our blog with the authors' consent. To submit or find out more, contact Pat Ingram (

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On November 10, 2021, Jane Tatum said:

What a great and inspired summary of our time together while we were apart. Thanks Gwen!

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