A Prayer for Ukraine

Aaron Austin | February 23, 2022

While we watched with much of the world, hoping for a peaceful resolution to the Russian advancement on Ukraine, we are deeply saddened at the needless violence and loss of life. We join with people of faith around the world in prayer for peace in Ukraine.  This prayer from the Week of Compassion, the Disciples of Christ global relief ministry is a good place to begin when it's difficult to find words for such tragic and senseless events. 

Ever Loving God,
Today we are filled with many emotions in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Humanity has once again chosen selfishness and death, when we know you to be the God of abundance and life.

We are filled with grief for the lives lost and the senselessness of killing. We grieve, too, for those who have been and will be driven from their homes or made to suffer by the cruelties of violence. God be with those who mourn today and those whose days of mourning are yet to come. May they feel our hearts reaching out to theirs in sorrow and in love.

Breathe your peace into our own fear and anxiety, as our minds are racing or frozen by thoughts of what this will mean for the world that should be at peace. Give us grace and comfort in these times of uncertainty.

Make your presence known to those feeling angry or hopeless, those filled with righteous frustration at injustice and those overwhelmed by despair. May you guide our energy towards productive engagement in service of those who are most impacted.

Whatever the feelings or the situation God, we ask that through it all you would remain with us. Remain with those who are in deep mourning and in need of your comfort. Be present with leaders around the world, that they may know your wisdom and peace. Be with the church as we discern our own path forward in response to a world in desperate need of your peace, your love, and your hope.

We ask these prayers in the name of your Son, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ,

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