Ukraine Support

Mark Johnson | March 6, 2022

Our hearts continue to turn to the needs and sufferings of the people from Ukraine. We often don’t know what to do beyond our shared sorrow and frequent prayers.  A recent conversation with my friend and Kentucky pastor, Roger Jasper offered me some consolation.  Some of you might recognize Roger's last name by way of his mother, Scarlette Jasper.  She is the person we have partnered with and supported through the excellent care and compassion she offers to the needs of Eastern Kentucky with Together for Hope.

In addition to being the Senior Pastor of Living Faith in E-town, Roger is a PhD student with the International Seminary in Amsterdam. There he has made many connections with pastors in Eastern Europe.  One of his friendship is with Fyodor, a Baptist pastor, theology professor, and public theologian. Fyodor has been involved in the democracy moment and is working on his dissertation in thinking about the roll of the evangelical churches with the Revolution of Dignity. More recently, Fyodor has been on the ground in Kyiv offering ministry that often places him in harm’s way.  When trying to enter one combat area, he was told by an Ukraine military guard “You go there at your own risk, and God bless you!"

Fyodor, by way of Roger advise us to offer our support, prayers and financial support to the work of the European Baptist Federation who are actively involved in providing humanitarian aid to the many displaced and traumatized individuals and families pouring across the Ukraine border.  You can learn more about them, make a donation and/or attend a weekly Zoom prayer meeting on their Ukraine crisis page.

May we rise up as a people of faith, hope and love ready to share the light of Christ wherever it is most needed.  May God encourage us, even in these desperate hours, with our high and holy calling as ambassadors of peace, reconciliation and goodwill.

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