Raleigh Kincaid’s Retirement

Mark Johnson | May 24, 2022

Raleigh has announced his retirement as our Minister of Worship on June 12.  We are filled with mixed emotions, happy to celebrate this milestone in Raleigh’s life, grateful for his excellent caring ministry to our congregation for over 3 decades and saddened to anticipate a future without this caring and steady presence.  Raleigh has strongly built upon our reputation as a church offering a high quality of musical excellence respectfully honoring the many forms of gospel, traditional and classical styles that many congregations have more recently forgotten.  While we know replacing Raleigh is an impossibility, the commitment to a continued excellence with our choir and Mark de Alba remains our priority as we seek to plan ahead.

For now, we walk with Raleigh and Kim into this new future as we have opportunity to care for them and offer our gratitude.  I’m very happy to announce that the worship service on June 12th will include former minister and congregational friend, Rev. Ken Bailey as our preaching guest.  Other special musical offerings will highlight the service with a short reception to follow.  In faith and gratitude, we remember so many special occasions, outstanding worship services and significant memories that testify to Raleigh’s deep love and service to our congregation.  One service could never say enough of our many thank yous, but I hope you’ll circle this date on your calendar, plan on attending and invite others for a day of celebration, prayers and faith in the providence of God who has blessed us beyond measure in the ministry of Raleigh Kincaid to Central Baptist Church.

Thank you Raleigh (and Kim).  Words are not enough to say how much you and your family mean to us.

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