Apply to Volunteer with Children and Youth

Charles Conkin | August 28, 2022

The youth and children at Central are in need of your help. We have many places and ways that you can volunteer without committing to every Sunday. If you are interested, we need you to fill out a volunteer application and background check form. This is a way we create a safe space for our young people and build trust for faith to florish. A few things that you might want to know before filling out the application:

A hard copy is needed for office use. Printed copies are in the foyer for you to complete.

The background form will be shredded to ensure security of personal information.

Please read the policy before signing the application. 

There is a section that asks about your faith journey. This is not a way to "check" your faith or knowledge. It is a way for you to think about your personal journey before a child or youth asks you about it.

Remember the most important thing is that if you suspect abuse or neglect, it is your responsibility to report it. As a courtesy, I ask that you inform the staff so pastoral care can happen. 

Download the Application

Thank you all for the continue support and I hope you prayerfully consider surrounding our children and youth with positive faith models.


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