Music Minister Search Committee

Isaac Scott | August 25, 2022

To the Central family,

Central is establishing a search committee to seek the new leader for our music ministry.

Our Bylaws require that the search committee have between five and seven members and any search effort should be representative of our Church’s makeup. If you are interested in serving, or want to learn more, please let me know by September 6th. You may also suggest someone else for this role. Contact via email to is best.

The search committee’s role is to craft the position description, interview candidates, and ultimately make a recommendation of hire to the Church. The committee will work with current staff, the Personnel Committee, and others to ensure this new hire will meet current and anticipated music ministry needs.

We’ve been long blessed by the dedication and service of Raleigh Kincaid. But if there is one thing that the responses to the pandemic over the last two years have shown us, there can be opportunity when responding to changes.

Prayerfully consider this important need of our Church. Thank you.

Isaac Scott


Central Baptist Church