Jim Abernathy to Serve as Interim Choral Director

Mark Johnson | September 6, 2022

We are glad to welcome Rev. Dr. Jim Abernathy as our Interim Choral Director.  After many years in pastoral ministry in Kentucky and Virginia, Jim and Cindy retired in Lexington and joined Central a few years ago.  While an excellent minister and pastor, Jim is also a gifted musician with professional experience in choral directing.  We are thankful for his willingness to serve our church in this way.  He begins on September 14 and has agreed to help us through Advent.  Please welcome him to this new role in our congregation.

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On September 18, 2022, Chris Skalski said:

Hi Pastor! I saw somewhere you were down on Trump, much to the shirring of your flock which still misses you very badly. I love you like a father. YOU kept me coming back for more. You helped me "get it together".
I am forever in your debt. And God's.
Do you like President Biden? How about his gigantic rate hikes, and food prices have doubled. It's a controlled disaster. Thank God my mom and I are debt free. We had to refinance our Heloc to a 5% fixed rate. My car loan, issued just over a year ago is 2.45. For 72 months (bought a mid life Camaro LT1.)
We are closer to World War 3 since the Cuban missile crisis. I totally believe in helping the Ukraine, but not contrary to our National interests. I do want Putin gone.
All I am saying is that it takes a hard ass to get the respect of his peers. Who are dictators. The Space Force has reinvigorated NASA, but even NASA can't launch it's SLS. Slow Leak System???? Boeing can't seal a fuel tank???
Thank God for Elon Musk. His Starship is ready for launch. Which NASA Complained about because it made them look bad. Well GOOD. SpaceX offered to help when the SLS was on the pad last week and Boeing said "their technology is classified" (doesn't work).

Ok. I'm done now. You are sorely missed by me and I don't care who you support...as long as you think of me every now and then and know that you made a difference. A big difference.

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