Food Insecurity and How We Can Help

Rebecca Wallace | October 3, 2023

Rebecca Wallace shares this post after offering a testimony about her work with Feeding America to alleviate food insecurity.  Below you'll find links with many ways you can help.

Thank you all for indulging me Sunday morning as I spoke about the current state of food insecurity in the US and how we as Christians can put meaningful work behind our faith. I am passionate about this work because I believe there should be no barriers to accessing healthy food. By addressing the root causes of hunger, we will make greater strides to not only nourish bodies, but also nourish souls and restore dignity.

As a recap, below are some action step ideas. No matter your capability or where you find the most joy, there is always a way to help.

Give financial support.

All gifts are valuable—support the organization that best resonates with your values, is transparent with how they spend their funds, and illustrates how they are making an impact. Some of my local favorites are:

Get your hands dirty and volunteer.

Here are some great places to get involved:


Your voice matters and your privilege can be used for good.

I also talked about Feeding America’s Elevating Voices project. Learn more about it and read the full report.

If your favorite charity is not in the list above, please advocate for them. My list is simply limited to my personal experiences and is not comprehensive of all the wonderful organizations doing really good work in our region.

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