Pastoral Transition Planning Update

Aaron Austin | April 22, 2024

After learning of Mark’s retirement, the Deacons and other church leaders have been in prayer and conversations about next steps in preparing for this transition.  As directed by our By-Laws, the Moderator, Chair of our Deacons and Chair of Personnel, along with the church staff have primary responsibility for the interim period, with the Moderator and Deacon Chair working on a process to form a Search Committee.  Currently serving in these capacities are Isaac Scott as Moderator; Gwen Hart as Deacon Chair; and Pete Grass as Personnel Chair.  As decided at our last Business Meeting, a fourth name was added to this group: Mark Thomas, who serves as our Church Treasurer.

This group has met three times including receiving advice and direction from Rev. Dr. Bill Tatum in our church who has extensive experience on the wisdom and opportunities for churches putting together an intentional plan when going through a pastoral transition.  In continued work with our Deacons and church staff, this group is actively putting together plans for what is ahead.  We encourage your prayers as we walk together into these important days in the life of our church.  If you have any questions or wish to offer your input to this process, please feel free to contact Isaac, Gwen, Pete or Mark Thomas.

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