All Are Welcome

Jesus practiced a radical inclusion and calls us to this practice as well.  As followers of Jesus, Central Baptist welcomes all persons as God created them.

No Exceptions

God loves the world and shows grace to all people unconditionally.  Receiving God’s grace begs us to welcome others just as unconditionally. At our best, Central welcomes all in order to love them and not judge them.   We respect the rights of each other as we seek to build a healthy and cooperative community. 

All are welcome.  No exceptions.

Our Mission

Central Baptist Church is a gathering of Christians who embrace a Baptist heritage while seeking to nurture a dynamic faith, build a community of grace, and create a spirit of missions.

LGBTQ+ Statement

Central Baptist Church treasures the courageous Baptist heritage of individual expression and the honoring of a person’s integrity before God in matters of faith and practice. Throughout our history, we have been a progressive voice for dignity and fairness as we stood against discrimination on issues of race, gender, economic equality and religious diversity. We believe each person is created in the image of God and capable of being redeemed by Christ in order to love and serve the world. We understand the definition of sexual orientation and gender identity is a personal question that requires the support, acceptance, inclusion and affirmation of the church. We affirm a fair application of moral standards for each person as a matter of human dignity, irrespective of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
We gladly offer our welcome and affirmation to LGBTQ+ individuals, including families with same-sex parents.

If you have more questions or are in need of pastoral guidance,  please speak with one of our ministers.

Our Logo

Blending two powerful images, the waters of baptism and the fresh wind of God's Spirit, our church symbol invites us toward a dynamic experience of faith.  Encouraged by the rolling movement carried by the blowing wind and within the waving tide, we are reminded how the church is called to be on the move. The three equal parts of our symbol reveal the central mystery and communal calling of our journey, to participate together in the life and work of God who is one in three: Creator, Deliverer, and Sustainer. Following the work, words and witness of Jesus in seeking to welcome and share his love in all the experiences of our lives, this symbol points us away from a life-draining complacency and into a life-enriching wonder.  We seek to bend our wills and change our course, in order to be drawn into and used by a transforming God who leads us in the ways of compassion, mercy and justice.  Surrendering ourselves to the gentle wind of grace and catching the tidal wave of redemptive change, we go forward trusting not in our own power, but in the One who is working to make all things new.

Central Baptist Church