Sunday School

09:45 am - 10:45 am
Central Baptist Church

Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups are a great place to make friends and engage in meaningful conversations. There are age-graded classes for children and a variety of classes for adults from topical discussions to explorations of scripture. Feel free to try several classes and see what works for you. If you need help choosing a class, our greeters will be happy to help.


  • Nursery • 108

    Infant - 3 yrs.

    We welcome all children into the life of the church by providing a safe and caring atmosphere with trained child care workers.

  • Atrium of the Good Shepherd • 122

    3yrs. - 6 yrs (kindergarten)

    An interactive class for young children to learn about God and Jesus, the Good Shepherd, through prayer, scripture, singing, celebration, and liturgical events.

  • Atrium of the True Vine • 109

    1st- 4th grades

    An interactive class for older children to explore their connection to Jesus, the True Vine, and their connection to the church community through prayer, scripture, and liturgical events, with an emphasis on the child’s moral formation.

  • Atrium of the Kingdom • 110

    5th grade

    A class for our oldest children to explore their faith through activities and thoughtful discussion.

  • Youth • 106

    6th - 12th grades

    Following a lectionary-based curriculum, youth explore scriptures in a variety of ways which helps them grow both personally and communally.

To ensure the safety of all our children, please drop off and pick up your children from their classrooms on Sunday mornings. A pager system is available for families with children in the nursery.


  • Adams & Eves • 132

    For adults who enjoy a discussion-based Bible study following a quarterly curriculum

  • New Wineskins • 133

    A curriculum-based Bible study in a round table discussion

  • Highways & Hedges • 131

    For adults who enjoy in-depth Bible study and building strong relationships.

  • Open Door • 136

    A discussion-based class made up of adults at different stages of life, who focus on exploring the relationship between faith and society. Using the Bible, as well as other materials, this group values questions, serious thought, personal sharing, mutual respect, and plenty of laughter.

  • Ordinary Time • 124

    A discussion-based class that values inquiry and pop culture references. Bible studies often follow weekly lectionary texts, but also incorporate a variety of other topics.

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