Help Document our Pandemic Journey


While this will be an ongoing project as we move through the pandemic, we'd like to wrap up this first call for submissions by Oct. 15.  Please submit your reflections by then. Archives will only be used for blog posts, etc. if authors grant permission.

Working on the archive initially meant reviewing materials documenting the history of the first 20-40-60 years of Central Baptist Church. Then came 2020 and the pandemic, and it became evident that we needed to be creating and retaining material about doing church at CBC during this very unique time for others to have 20-40-60 years into the future.

As part of that effort, we are seeking individuals to share (write about) their CBC experiences in the past year and a half. It would be great to have a variety of perspectives on a variety of different topics - coming to the church/sanctuary to help lead the service being streamed, recording something at home for the service, hosting the Wednesday Vespers service, gathering on line with a group meeting via Zoom (Youth, Sunday School, choir, etc), meeting for our first in person gathering at Shillito Park, the first time your class or group met in person for an activity, etc.

And especially meaningful will be those who would share thoughts, emotions, etc about returning to the building and sanctuary for their first in-person worship service, whether it was August 1 or a later date.

If you have questions or would be willing to participate in this project, please contact Pat Ingram  ( or 859-227-9117.

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