Mental Health Matters: Anxiety and the Pandemic with Melissa Austin

07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

As we continue to navigate an ever-changing pandemic, the stresses to our mental health are mounting.  In the coming months we're going to take some time to focus on our mental and emotional well-being through some informational Zoom classes.

Each month we'll address a different aspect of mental health as we hear from professionals in our congregation.  After a short presentation, there will be time for questions and answers from participants.  

These informational classes are not therapy, but we hope they will provide encouragement and helpful resources as we all do our best to live fully in these strange times.

We'll begin with a discussion of Anxiety and the Pandemic with Melissa Austin on Tuesday, February 1.  Email Aaron ( for a Zoom link.

Melissa Austin is a professional counselor in Richmond, KY.  She has been a practicing therapist for over 8 years and has worked in both community mental health and private practice.  Melissa works with clients of all ages, but has spent much of her time helping adolescents and children with anxiety and depression.  

In March and April, we'll hear from Raleigh Kincaid and Logan Lloyd as we look at adapting to change and grief.

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