Dementia Friendly Lexington

Central Baptist is joining with others in our city to become a Dementia Friendly Lexington (DFL) organization.  Born out of the work of the late Virginia Bell, a Lexington dementia expert and author, DFL is working to fulfill her dream of a dementia-friendly Lexington.  An estimated 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.  This number is on track to increase to 14 million persons by 2050.  Becoming a DFL community involves a few simple training sessions.  

To join in this important work, simply register online and watch a 40 minute video. Next, on October 22, a trainer from Dementia Friendly Lexington will review topics covered in the online training video and answer our questions. On Sunday, October 29, our Sponsoring Mentor Dr. Gary Stewart (a former CBC member) will complete our training. We'll learn about early intervention, coping/management strategies, and community resources to help respond with care and support those dealing with these challenging illnesses. You can begin now with the online training, as we become more competent, knowledgeable, and friendly caregivers.

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