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Being connected to other people is important to building community. It is often the first thing folks talk about when describing what is great about Central. New folks are always welcome! You'll find contacts for each small group below.

Weekly Small Groups

Sunday Mornings at 9:45 a.m.


We welcome all children into the life of the church by providing a safe and caring atmosphere with trained child care workers. The nursery is also available during morning worship. For children ages 5 and under. Contact Charles Conkin (


An interactive class for children to learn about God through scripture, singing, celebration, and liturgical events. For children in grades K-5. Contact Charles Conkin (


Following a lectionary-based curriculum, youth explore scriptures in a variety of ways which helps them grow both personally and communally. For grades 6-12. Contact Charles Conkin (

Living Well

Led by a variety of teachers, this class explores scripture and culture through many different lenses. This class is a great place to begin if you’re new to Sunday small groups. Contact Mark Johnson (

New Wineskins

A group who values fellowship and close friendships who, in addition to studying the Bible, take time to share activities and concerns with each other. Contact Pat Payne (

Open Doors

A discussion-based class made up of adults at different stages of life, who focus on exploring the relationship between faith and society. Contact Greg Hancock (

Ordinary Time

A group that often discusses scripture alongside poems or podcasts with plenty of time for catching up and staying connected. Contact Aaron Austin (

Monthly Groups

Queer Conversations

First Thursdays • 6 p.m.

Find out more on the Queer Conversations Website. We are a group of Christians who have recognized the benefits and abuses we experienced from our various faith communities due to our diverse sexual orientations and identities. We join together once a month to create a space for conversation where the best of our traditions can be called to account by living up to their more noble values for inclusion, welcome, compassion and acceptance. Our group is open to all committed to the vision of the full affirmation of members from diverse sexual orientations and identities, following in the way of Jesus Christ. We look forward to the ways we can help transform our faith traditions into communities where truly all are are welcomed, valued and empowered equally. Contact Jackson Campbell (

Baby Boomers

2nd and 4th Thursdays

While originally geared to those of the Baby Boomer generation, the group welcomes participation by folks of any age. Formed as a social and service group, the Baby Boomers regularly meet for lunch, visiting local attractions and historical sites, as well as volunteering at God’s Pantry. Contact Pat Ingram (

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