Mar 17 • 11:00 • Authenticity Over Approval

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LexCentral Worship | March 17, 2019

There is a lot going on in Luke 13.  In the midst of disturbing current events and pressing schedules, Jesus challenges his listeners to reflect upon the true nature of the kingdom of God.  Like mustard seeds and a small measure of yeast, God is more often found in the least and last rather than the loudest and largest.  Jesus resists the applause of the crowds and favors a more relevant experience, even if he runs the risk of the vast majority of missing what is most important.  This struggle is always with us.  Should we favor what is popular or what is best? For, too often these two are not the same.  This Sunday, we will seek to unpack this distinction in our search for what is most authentic and ever-lasting.

Central Baptist Church