Step Into the Light

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Stories & Songs | February 16, 2020

From Central's Early Worship Service on Feb 16, 2020.  Words and music by Aaron Austin.

Step into the Light

You've heard it said
God is watching every move you make
Keeping track of all your wrongs
But what if there's no score
What if there's no game
You've been swimming in grace all along

Step into the light
Do not be afraid
Shadows lurk in hearts
But my light courses through your veins
My beloved child
Hear me call your name
I remember when
I first sparked/sang your soul awake

You've heard it said
A wall will keep you safe
Keep out your enemies
What if it turns out we're much the same
Searching for eyes to find our symmetry

You've heard it said
God helps those who help themselves
So if you're down on your luck
Then you're at fault
But what if we're here to help each other see
Finding grace in the places where there's want

Central Baptist Church