A Diverse Community - Episode 55

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Wayfarer | March 27, 2017

Today as we think about Gratitude, we’re focusing on the beatitudes again and wondering who Jesus would call blessed today. Later, we'll hear some of the beatitudes you've written. Perhaps we don’t find the Beatitudes surprising because they’re so familiar. We expect Jesus to say things that are counter to the culture of ancient roman-controlled Palestine, so it’s easy to limit their scope to that time and place. While Jesus is certainly speaking to his contemporary context, we would be remiss to not extrapolate these words for our context today. Jesus is painting a picture of God’s community. In this community, it’s okay to be at the end of your rope. It’s okay to grieve. It’s okay to be humble. It’s okay to know you’re a spiritual beginner. It’s okay to give second and third and fourth chances...and more. It’s okay to not demand your way. It’s okay if people don’t like you when you’re working for justice. In fact, these are good things. In fact, you may be happy in the end. Don't forget to call in your beatitudes for our podcast. We still need several for Monday's episode. Just leave a message at (859) 813-0150.

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