A Shared Story - Episode 64

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Wayfarer | April 07, 2017

Today as we think about liberation, we’re talking with our Senior Pastor, Mark Johnson. Mark shares an excerpt from Carlyle Marney's Faith in Conflict. As we think about this new birth and liberation from old ways and shames, we find hope and sustenance in the stories we share. Thank you for helping make this podcast by being willing to join in. Your voices are essential. From folks who called in prayers and beatitudes, to those who came in for interviews and shared their stories, from to the musicians who played and and sang, to Raleigh, Mark, and the Choir, thank you so much. Thanks also to Charles, Crystal, and Mark who shared with us each week, and to Trisha for organizing things and getting people to call in prayers. And thanks to all of you for listening. This podcast is just a natural outgrowth of Central’s DNA. This place is filled with stories of folks caring for each other and standing with each other in hard times. Next week, the podcasts will be a little different. Since it’s Holy Week, we’ll focus more on the scripture for each day as remember Jesus’ actions in his last week of ministry.

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