A Space I Never Knew Existed - Episode 84

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Wayfarer | April 18, 2019

This week, we're talking with Kara Kilpatrick. Kara is in training as a psychiatrist, working primarily with adolescents. She's an ordained Presbyterian minister who's also worked as a chaplain. She somehow manages to find time to play the hammered dulcimer and mandolin and probably other things as well. She and Jeno have been at Central for several years now and we're thrilled to have her as part of our writers workshop.

As you'll see in this piece that Kara adapted from one of her sermons, she is a master at weaving together intellect and emotion. Her narratives are thoughtful and precise, yet still vibrant and alive, giving us a chance to think and feel differently than we might have before listening.

Just a note before we begin. Kara's story is a reimagining of Jesus' anointing in the gospel of luke which involves a woman who is described as living a sinful life. Kara unpacks this reputation and while there's nothing explicit in the slightest, if you're listening with kids, you may want to preview a bit to see what questions you may need to answer later.

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