Ever-Present - Episode 50

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Wayfarer | March 20, 2017

Last week we talked about how writing these beatitudes may be less about creation and more about discovery. We may find beatitudes each day in our own experiences or we may find beatitudes as we reflect on our histories. Today we'll hear some beatitudes that you've called in and a beautiful song from Jane Tatum.Carol Boston Weatherford uses the Beatitudes as fertile soil to begin her beautiful picture book titled The Beatitudes: From Slavery to Civil Rights. This book starts with the Beatitudes and moves through the history of African Americans, and how they found hope and inspiration throughout a continuing struggle for equality and justice. Though this diverges from the format of the Beatitudes, it reveals the deeper connections of God’s presence and blessing in the midst of suffering and struggle. These words represent important voices in our faith that we need to listen to and learn from. As we look back over our histories and the histories of our brothers and sisters in the light of Jesus, can we see how God supports and lifts up those working for justice? Can we see how God makes a way for peace and freedom? Maybe then we’ll find ways to join alongside God in the work of justice today.Don't forget to call in your beatitudes for our podcast. We still need several for next week's episode. Just leave a message at (859) 813-0150.

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