Grassroots Kingdom - Episode 61

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Wayfarer | April 04, 2017

This week as we continue thinking about unlearning power, we’re preparing for Palm Sunday and Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. With familiar passages like this one, it's sometimes easy to forget just how much they turn our expectations upside down. Jesus enters Jerusalem not as an imposing king, but riding on a donkey--truly a prince of peace. He doesn’t come in force to topple heads of state, but he comes humbly, a power willing to sacrifice and infuse the grassroots. “My Kingdom is not of this world,” can make it easy to see the ways of Jesus as guidelines for spiritual exercise and divorce these actions from their real-world consequences. But Jesus doesn’t seem to have this disconnect. True, his kingdom is not bound to terrestrial borders, but his kingdom is not resigned to the mystical either. Jesus is bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth. Jesus is fusing divinity and humanity. Jesus is bringing the ways of God to the dusty roads of Jerusalem and to our roads as well.Today, we'll also enjoy music from the Sanctuary choir. Don't forget to call in your beatitudes for our podcast. We still need several for Monday's episode. Just leave a message at (859) 813-0150.

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