Hope and Fragility - Episode 52

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Wayfarer | March 22, 2017

Even though we’re talking about death metaphorically in many ways this week, we’re actually going to talk about death literally as well today. Logan Lloyd is a chaplain at UK hospital. He’s also a deacon and a member at Central. So Logan knows first hand what it’s like to walk with folks through the shadow of death and grief--to minister to people at crucial transitions in life. He stopped by to share some stories of his experiences as a chaplain. So, we’ll be talking about end of life issues as well as substance abuse and domestic violence. Logan handles this with great care, but be aware if you’re listening with children or if some of these situations could be a trigger for you. Well also hear a piece by Central's sanctuary choir and a poem by Bill Campbell. Logan mentioned a few resources for dealing with grief and dying. Here are his suggestions: Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, Dying Well by Ira Byock, The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America by Ann Neumann. Please know that our ministerial staff is always ready to listen. If you’d like more information, contact the church office or our Associate Pastor of Congregational Care, Crystal Shepherd. www.lexcentral.com

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