Uncovering Grace - Episode 45

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Wayfarer | March 13, 2017

Today, we hear some of your beatitudes and we talk with Bill Campbell, a member at Central and a retired English professor at UK. He tells about a beatitude he discovered in his bird bath in the early morning. Really.  As we write our own beatitudes, we’re just improvising on a theme that Jesus began long ago--things aren’t always what they seem; underneath there is a current of grace that often goes unnoticed. So maybe beatitudes aren’t things we can write or create. Maybe they are discoveries--like electricity or gravity or the Higgs Boson or like the healing powers of penicillin found in a moldy dish. Maybe just by being present right now in this moment we can uncover those streams of grace that are flowing unnoticed. Maybe just by knowing that God values those things that seem weak and insignificant, those people who are pushed to the edges and silenced, that will give us an idea of where to look.

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Central Baptist Church