Unlearning Fear - Episode 39

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Wayfarer | March 03, 2017

Since we’re talking about unlearning fear this week, we thought we might talk with some of our children and youth about things that they’re afraid of. We'll hear from them during today's podcast. We'll also hear a song from our Sanctuary Choir, "Bow Down Low."Fears are hard to change. It’s really hard to unlearn some of these things. There’s no magic bullet, but maybe taking time to acknowledge our fears and invite Jesus to be with us in their presence is a start to unlearning. Jesus went out into the wilderness without provisions, fasting and praying. Alone. No one was there to help out or talk to except the snakes and the coyotes. And there in the lack, in the less-than, in that liminal space, Jesus hones his purpose. He chooses not to take the path of power and influence from on high, but the path of openness and liberation from the grassroots. He chooses the long way. He chooses the harder road. He chooses a community of mutuality and cooperation. He chooses a path less certain. So, you’re not alone on your journey. Jesus knows about the late nights and the long days. Jesus knows about the loneliness and the hunger. Jesus knows about the fickle friends and the prideful politicians. And Jesus walks with you.

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