Unlearning Hate - Episode 57

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Wayfarer | March 29, 2017

Today, as we think about generosity and unlearning hate, we’re talking with Ashley and Sharon Holonia. We'll hear a story that Ashley and Sharon shared in the aftermath of the election about a terrible note that was left on their car. They'll also share another story of an interaction they had with a neighbor about a welcome sign in their yard expressing solidarity with immigrants. While these are things that we wish they didn’t have to deal with and that nobody should have to endure, their graceful response inspires us to be the love and acceptance that we hope to see in the world around us—to trust what God says about who we are so that we can respond with dignity and kindness even when we encounter hate.Don't forget to call in your beatitudes for our podcast. We still need several for Monday's episode. Just leave a message at (859) 813-0150.

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