Progressive Christianity Seminar Audio

Mark Johnson | July 24, 2016

On Sunday morning May 29th, I (Mark Johnson) led the second of two spring conversations on “An Introduction to Progressive Christianity.”   While identical in content to the General Session held in early April, this “make-up” presentation was also an opportunity for a better quality recording of the material. Listen here.

By following the links below, you will be able to listen to the audio portion of this second presentation and also follow along with the slideshow viewed by the participants in both meetings.  You will need to manually scroll through the slides, but should be able to follow along without too much difficulty.  While the audio recording ends around slide 25, please complete the slide presentation for the remainder of the material.

The entire audio session is approximately 60 minutes long, but can be digested into smaller portions as your schedule allows.  As you listen, please remember that this is an informal presentation/conversation that invites your active engagement.  It is not the establishment of doctrine, but a way of understanding and thinking about our faith that may help launch new avenues and pathways to Jesus and his revelation of God. 

As you listen, keep notes, write questions, or allow some of what you’ve heard to spark further readings or research.  If you would like a followup with a coffee or a visit, please let me know.

I’m thankful to be on this path with the kind and loving folks of Central Baptist Church.  If you are using this material as an introduction to our community of faith, please recognize your part to help us grow and deepen our common life in Christ.  May God bless you in the call to a promising and progressive Christian future.




Listen Here


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