Responding to Gun Violence

Mark Johnson | August 13, 2019

When is the right time to speak up against gun violence?  It used to be said how inappropriate it was to have reasonable conversations about reducing gun violence immediately after a terrible and deadly event.  But, now these tragic events happen with so much frequency there's not enough space to have such a conversation before the cycle reboots itself all over again.  It would be wiser not to wait.   Until the political will shifts, it is best to prepare ourselves for the likelihood that these senseless and maddening events will continue.  

That's why I found this information from the American Psychological Association so helpful.  Not only will you find well-researched information to help you understand these issues to guide future discussions, but discover at the bottom other links to help care for your kids in managing distress and how to talk with them about the difficult news and tragedies they are being exposed to on a regular basis.  Also, don't miss ways to notice warning signs that might lead to youth violence. 

I wish we did not have to be so direct.  I wish these terrible things were not happening around us.  I pray for a day when we won't need to be so vigilant. But until then, we cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend it's never the right time to have a meaningful, though challenging conversation on the things that trouble us.

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