Artium II Blessings

Mark Johnson | October 21, 2019

This month I had the privilege of volunteering for two Sundays in the Atrium II classroom with our children who are in the 1st through the 4th grade.  We polished silver and brass, talking about how we have a joint responsibility to care for what God has given us and how our small efforts can make everything look new and bright again.  We looked at a globe and talked about the connection between our life and the life of Jesus, thinking about where he lived and what he has done as it relates to our place in the world.  I helped the kids with smocks on to protect their Sunday clothing, paint a bulletin-board sized map of Israel using greens to highlight the mountains and valleys, tans to highlight the deserts and rich blues to notice the vital importance of rivers, lakes and the western boundary of the great Mediterranean Sea.

The next week, working with another volunteer, Dara Felts, we used this very map to look up important locations from the life and ministry of Jesus and placed small flags with the names of the cities, towns, and regions in their right locations as we remembered where these important events took place.  In the Atrium II, we noticed how the Bible and the story of Jesus and his church come alive for our children as they learn about and celebrate all the ways God has spoken to us with wisdom and love in the greater story of our salvation in Christ.

I hope you might consider giving up a few Sundays of your time to volunteer to be with our kids.   Under the excellent direction of Laura Levens, you can begin with no special training except love for kids and a willingness to offer a little bit of your time.  If you want to do more, training and other instruction are available.  The kids are great!  The learning is rich!  And the lessons are life-long!  If I can do it, so can you.  You can find out more by talking with Laura or Charles Conkin.  Not only do we need you, but so do our kids and wonderfully enough — you will be the one most blessed through your willingness to serve.  I know I was.

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