Pass the Peace, Not the Virus!

Mark Johnson | March 3, 2020

This past Sunday, on March 1 we began encouraging new ways to pass the peace during the worship service besides shaking hands.  These options include nodding the head or giving a slight bow, fist or elbow bumping or flashing the peace sign.  I'm sure your creativity can think of even better ideas.  I enjoyed watching members of the choir, who obviously had acquired past experience, and knew exactly how to execute the "Hollywood air kiss."   As we all become better educated about safer and more health-aware practices to protect against the spread of viruses, we will also need to redefine what it means to respect our neighbor.   While it may have appeared rude in former days to not shake someone's hand when offered, it may now be more presumptuous and impolite to do so.  I like the head bow.  It reminds me to honor the person as more important than myself.  And I'm not personally turned off by the side-hug, though I'm trying to be careful not to be the initiator of offering it.  But whether elbow bump, hug or head bow, it's all appears to be better than a handshake. 

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