The Cupboards Are Bare

Mark Johnson | August 17, 2020

The cupboards at the CBC Childcare Center are bare and for good reason.  As we began the process of our regrettable and yet, necessary and indefinite shutdown of our Center, we remembered food in our pantry that would not be eaten, baby food that would expire, and diapers that would not be used.  

Thanks to our staff, distribution sites were identified and contacted.  Jess and Beth learned they could donate the baby food and diapers to The Nest.  Charles contacted the Catholic Action Center to donate and then transport the ample food staples we had stored when we had taken advantage of bulk purchasing.

These small gestures of offering what we can to others represent something profound and transforming.  Even during a time of disappointment, we can still be generous.  Even when it feels like we are losing, we can be giving.  Even during sadness, we are still compelled to share what we have with others.

As you struggle through this pandemic, will you join this march toward mercy, this invitation toward empathy, and this calling to give and to serve, especially when times are difficult and challenging?

Find a cause, open up your purse and empty out your pantries.  And get comfortable seeing what you don't need flying off your shelves and into the waiting arms of those in most need of it.

Such simple actions build our courage and give us hope.  All because they are signs of faith in a God of infinite possibilities and abundant resources.  We don't know when things will turn around.  We wish it would be soon.  But we can better weather the storm when we reach out to our neighbors with love, kindness, and unreserved generosity.

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