Deacon Ministry Sub-Groups

Mark Johnson | September 1, 2020

Our Deacons have organized three important sub-groups to discuss ways we can offer and enhance our ministry to the church and community, especially in light of the necessary shutdowns of large in-person gatherings and the current closing of our Childcare Center.

The first group is actively thinking of ways to utilize the resources of our building and grounds while protecting and maintaining the safety measures we have faithfully and wisely followed for the past 5 months. Some of the ideas being explored are providing collection points for an expanded food pantry; to ascertain the need for emergency shelter or other food insecurity needs; to provide online services for school-age kids with poor internet connections or other education-driven supportive services, and offering storage for medical equipment for needed hospital space adjacent to COVID dedicated areas.  We have adjusted our thermostats and are always looking for ways to save money, but we still might be able to creatively use our building to minister to the needs of our community.  Members of this sub-group are Jody Cabble, Dave Fischer, Logan Lloyd, and Jamie Wallace with Charles Conkin serving as staff liaison.

A second group is evaluating ways to improve and expand our Zoom gatherings and opportunities.  We will be offering a new short prayer meeting Zoom for Wednesdays at 6:30 right before Vespers.  Other opportunities will be made available for newcomers to meet via Zoom and offering new short-term topically driven Zoom meetings to help our congregation connect with one another.  Members of this sub-group are Dara Felts, Justin Levens, Jane Tatum with Aaron Austin serving as staff liaison.

The final sub-group is working on helping share prayer needs and pastoral care concerns. This group is available to pray with you and is committed to remember you in prayer as we help bear the needs and burdens of our congregation. Members of this sub-group are Diane Campbell, Christi Gabbard, Claudia Hall, Gwen Hart with Mark Johnson serving as staff liaison.

Please feel free to contact any of these Deacons and leaders with your ideas or suggestions as we continue to adapt our ministries during these challenging days.

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