Immediate Help Needed

Mark Johnson | September 9, 2020

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, renters are facing eviction, including renters here in Fayette County.  Two recent articles in the local paper offered important details to these needs.

The first article from August 27th described over 300 households whose eviction hearings were recently scheduled.  It normally takes 30 days for these eviction proceedings to work their way through the courts.  In May of this year, 20 non-profits banded together to help renters with assistance and developed an online portal for information:  Other government funds at the state and local level have also been made available for these needs.

A second article three days later announced $15 million in federal coronavirus relief that started accepting applications on September 8th.  They have a toll-free helpline set up for renters' questions: 833-540-0343. The federal allotment will be used in 119 countries in Kentucky excluding Jefferson County that has its own fund.  The city has set up its own helpline: 859-300-5300 as well. 

What both articles relate is how confusing, complex and at times contradictory some of this information can be for a person seeking help.  There is help out there, but it's difficult for folks needing assistance to negotiate the best resources available that may match or help alleviate their need.  It is anticipated how challenging this task will be as these needs become more critical and involve more individuals and families as we move through September and into October.

To help fill in the gap, the Catholic Action Center is training volunteers to help process rent assistance and eviction prevention.  The CAC is also collecting money for a fund that can be used by them for needs that still will slip through the cracks.

If you are interested in helping through volunteering, donating, or would like more information on how to help, please contact the Catholic Action Center at: 859-514-7210 or emailing them at  You can donate online at:

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