State and National Meetings

Mark Johnson | September 29, 2020

During a "normal" year, some of us are busy attending various Baptist meetings at the state and national levels.  But, as you know far too well, this has not been a "normal" year.  We are all being forced to learn new habits and skills presenting a whole host of new obstacles and challenges.  Even in the midst of these hurdles, all of these changes have not been negative and open up new opportunities.

There are three meetings being held virtually this October that normally have only happened in-person and by traveling to a distant city.  They are The Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists; The Alliance of Baptists; and, The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Kentucky meetings. You will notice details for each of them in our newsletter and online calendar.

I would like to encourage you to take advantage of this new format and consider registering and being a part of these informative meetings, now available to you in your own home.  We are stronger together.  This is the unifying theme guiding us through this pandemic.  It might also be a rallying cry for our common work as "like-minded" Baptists around our state and around our world.


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