Labyrinths: Part II Follow-Up

Mark Johnson | March 2, 2021

Our recent visit with Rev. Dr. Jan Cottrell was a wonderful introduction to the spiritual power of "walking a Labyrinth."  You can watch this Vesper's interview again or for the first time here.  In the video, we also learned of several resources to help direct our own Labyrinth journey.  The Labyrinth Journey app can be found here.  This will allow you to find local Labyrinths to explore (please remember to double-check permission guidelines).  Other online resources can be found here at Veridias.  The local Labyrinth in southern Woodford County that Jan describes in her work with Veterans in the Wounded Warrior program can be found here.  In a couple of weeks, we will announce the schedule if you would like to explore the "homemade" Labyrinth that will be located outside our main entrance during Holy Week.  May God's loving Spirit in the name of Christ bless you in your own Labyrinth journey.  

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