Mark Johnson | May 3, 2021

As a community and church, we find ourselves very thankful for the availability and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine.  So many "shots in arms" offer us not only needed protection but also a great deal of hope that a new day is soon to dawn upon us.  As we anticipate taking the next steps, the Reopening Committee and Ministerial Staff have been carefully following this progress and are now inviting your feedback.  We have developed a quick and easy survey we are asking to be completed from everyone in your household over the age of 12.   All responses are anonymous as they provide us with important information and guidance from you.  

Reopening Survey

On a personal note, I have been so proud of our church and the excellent care and patience we have shown throughout this challenge.  Keeping everyone's safety and security foremost in our minds has been rewarding and renewing.  In such stressful times your empathy, grace, and flexibility have kept us going.   Whenever you have to go through a crisis, it is vital to have around you only the best people.  That's been true for me and I can't thank you enough.

Of course,  as we prayerfully round the corner of fighting this virus, we recognize we still have a little ways to go.  The same kind of care and consideration to one another we have demonstrated for the past 14 months will continue to guide us forward.  So please take a moment and offer us your survey responses.  With the possibility of small group gatherings, large groups assembling outdoors, and the approval of vaccines for younger participants, we hope to offer several new opportunities to bring our community back together for in-person meetings.  But first, we need your feedback.  We plan to keep the survey open until the end of this coming weekend to give you plenty of time.

In the course of over a year's worth of changes, our church has changed as well.  We've lost dear members of our church.  Our kids have grown up.  Our youth are emerging into the fine young adults they are becoming.  We discovered new online friends eager to meet all of us for the first time in person.  Additionally, we respect how each person and/or family are moving at different speeds in their personal decisions to gather back together.  I encourage us to continue all those skills that have served us best: empathy, grace, and flexibility.  On this journey, we have been so strong in our endurance and I know we will be equally strong in our finishing of it.

We are so close to this new day.  So let's show just a little more patience as we get ready with open and hopeful hearts to all the good yet to be revealed.  I thank you for taking the survey and we will share the results with you soon.

With prayers of blessing for all of us,


3 months


As a Baptist church affirming the liberty of conscience, we recognize each individual's right to his or her own opinion and welcome your comments, positive or negative. We strive for communication that invites a respectful and personal exchange of opinions and thoughts. This is often not possible through running dialogues in our comment section. To respect the dignity of all persons, we may delete comments that contain profanity, hate speech, or threatening language.
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