Baptist Seminary of Kentucky To Reside at Central Baptist Church

Mark Johnson | May 11, 2022

In last week’s special called business meeting, the church unanimously approved the motion to enter into a three year lease agreement with the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky.  They will be leaving their presence at Georgetown College and will move the work they did there to our facility.

We have designated 7 rooms for them that will serve for administrative and faculty offices along with shared space agreements for other functions including classroom instruction.  They will mainly be using the dedicated entrance once used by the Childcare with occupancy scheduled to begin mid-summer.

As we begin to welcome them to our campus, we continue to pray and dream about other innovated usages of our space, most of it now made available from the necessity of closing the Childcare.  Even through a pandemic, it’s as if we completed a building program, as we enter into a new chapter of ministry with many opportunities before us.

Youth and children’s ministries have moved and will continue to expand into former CBCCC space, new usage of our well outfitted kitchen might include partnerships with farmer’s market suppliers and food truck operators, the American Red Cross is exploring ways to use our facility as a distribution or shelter site in the event of a natural disaster, and Tree Lexington is busy seeking to secure grants to help us replace our tree canopy that over the years has been decimated by Ash boar disease.

I am grateful for so many who have helped pray, plan and work on ways we can be good and growing stewards of our building and grounds.   And I invite everyone’s participation to pray and imagine novel ways to use our space in service to God’s mission of welcome, inclusion and new life.  Our wonderful facility, on such a coveted and visible corner of our city, is a powerful resource that we are continually learning to use to the best of our abilities. May God lead us to even greater opportunities ahead as we continue our faithful calling to meet the needs of our partners and neighbors nearby.

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